July 4th, American’s most iconic holiday, is fast approaching. While COVID-19 rates in the states are still increasing, Massachusetts is slowly opening up, leaving many residents unsure of how to spend America’s birthday. We’ve pulled together a few fun ways to bring the Independence Day celebrations to your own home.

If you usually spend the holiday with friends and family who are spread far, why not organize a family event day over Zoom? Family-friendly pub quizzes, charades, and dance parties can all happen over video call. Some video chatting apps, like House Party, have games built in directly. Plan a full day’s itinerary, and it’ll feel like you’re celebrating together in person.

Make sure to plan your day around one of America’s favorite pastimes: eating. Fire up the grill or order from your favorite local barbecue spot to make sure you have a feast fitting the day. One fun way to bring your family together is to cook together — assign tasks, and treat it like a potluck.

If you’re in a state that allows them, and you follow all safety precautions, sprinklers at home are a fun alternative to crowded fireworks. If you do want to go to your local fireworks display but are worried about keeping a distance, find a spot outside of the main viewing area. Viewing the show from your car, or a boat if possible, is another easy way to enjoy while keeping a safe distance.

If the weather is warm, which it probably will be, set up a faux outdoor cinema in your backyard. Decent projectors are highly affordable and work fine on any wall or relatively flat surface. Spread blankets and pillows across the lawn, pop some popcorn, and your theater is complete.

Happy 4th of July, stay safe, and enjoy the time with those in your family and community!