As of last week, Massachusetts has entered the second phase of its four-phase reopening plan. “This terrible virus and the terrible toll that it takes will be with us until there are medical breakthroughs with respect to treatments or vaccines,” Governor Charlie Baker said. “But thanks to your hard work and your sacrifices, we’re bringing the fight to the virus and we’re moving forward, and Massachusetts is continuing to reopen.”

What does that mean for you, now? “Cautious” Phase 2 means additional sectors of the economy and activities will be slowly reopening. Currently, that includes restaurants (outdoor services, as long as tables are 6 feet apart) and hotels (with restrictions), as well as in-store browsing, with max 40% of store’s maximum permitted occupancy at any given time.

Patients needing preventative health care services, including routine doctor’s office visits, dentist appointments, and vision care services, may also proceed. However, indoor restaurant dining and personal services like nail salons will not open until later in Phase 2, contingent upon positive health trends, and elective cosmetic procedures will not begin until Phase 3.

This will come as a relief to many in the service industries, as well as residents needing routine health services. We’ll be back in touch when more information is announced.