The opening of the Swan Boats’ next season has finally been announced. As of April 15th at 11 am, visitors from far and wide can grab their tickets and hop on board one of Boston’s longest running treasures. 

But how much do you know about the Boston Swan Boats? Here are a few fun facts to get you started:

  • The Swan Boats were opened in 1877 by Irish immigrant and shipbuilder Robert Paget.
  • Robert Paget was inspired to build the Swan Boats after he saw the opera “Lohengrin” in New York City, which features a hero crossing a river in a boat drawn by swans.
  • The Paget family continues to own and operate the boats today.
  • The oldest boat in the fleet has just celebrated its 113th anniversary, and the newest has been in the water since 1993. 
  • Fully loaded, each boat weighs three tons.
  • They’re powered by a foot-propelled paddle wheel.

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