New Englanders have been keeping a watchful eye over Hurricane Lee this past week, which has been making its way up the coast. The Category 3 storm has been intensifying, and on Thursday alone, it grew in strength from 80 mph to 165 mph in just 24 hours.

Hurricane Lee has weakened over the weekend as it moved north, facing wind shear and drier air. But in the past few days, Lee has continued to hold onto its Category 3 hurricane status as it nears the south of Bermuda. 

As of this morning, Lee was sustaining hurricane-force winds at 115 mph and extending 90 miles from its center, three times further than what was reached on the weekend. Tropical storm-force winds now extend 205 miles from Lee’s core.

Hurricane Lee won’t likely threaten landmass over the next 4 days, with its center moving to the north of the Caribbean Islands this weekend, continuing its path east over the next week. The storm is expected to decrease in intensity throughout Thursday, but may continue to grow in size and speed.

This means that New England should not see Lee making a touchdown on its land anytime soon, but it may still feel the force of its winds later in the week.

While much can change when it comes to hurricanes, this spells relief to those traveling out of Boston Logan Airport or other New England terminal over the next few days. Contact us now so we can help you plan your next business trip or holiday — our experienced drivers may not drive in a hurricane, but they are eager and able to get you to your destination, safely and on time.