As COVID-19 rates continue to soar across the country, Massachusetts has seen relative success in getting the cases under control. However, an increase in cases over the past couple of weeks has seen new restrictions added to visitors traveling to the commonwealth.

Last week, Governor Charlie Baker announced new travel requirements. Travelers from out of the state have been asked to self-quarantine since March, but the new rules say failure to do so could result in fines. Additionally, anyone coming into the state must fill out a Massachusetts Travel Form, unless they’re traveling from a lower risk state or meet other “limited exceptions,” including those who commute outside the state regularly for work, first responders, and military.

The new rules apply not only to residents of other states, but also Massachusetts residents returning to the state after traveling through other states and those coming from abroad. The new rules will go into effect August 1, and anyone who does not follow them will be liable for fines of $500 a day.

These rules come after an “uptick in activity at Logan Airport,” Governor Baker said during the press conference. While debates rage on about whether or not to reopen schools, scientists and health professionals continue to urge the public to wear masks, practice social distancing, and wash your hands.