A couple weeks back, CNBC reported that the Biden administration was rumored to be considering relaxing travel restrictions as soon as mid-May. This would affect travel between the US and Mexico, Canada, and inbound travel from the UK, Europe, and Brazil. 

In March 2020, the US banned all non-essential travelers from the UK — a rule which as of now still remains in place. There’s no reverse ban on US travelers entering the UK, but the current British quarantine and lockdown restrictions mean few Americans are vacationing in Britain right now.

While the US and UK both saw grimly high death rates from the pandemic, both countries have seen a smooth and quick vaccine roll-out, exciting many about the potential of a vaccine corridor between the two countries.

But don’t book your flights just yet — there has so far been no policy memo or formalization of the timeline of the restriction rollback. The immediate concern is to limit the spread of Covid-19 variants domestically before any travel is reopened. 

Officials have suggested that a mid-May reopening date is too soon, but mid-May does coincide with higher availability of vaccines in the US. 

Stay safe until then — and we look forward to giving you a ride when travel resumes!