As of Monday, adults 16 years and older in Massachusetts now qualify for the Covid-19 vaccine. More than 3 million Massachusetts residents have already received their first shot, but many are finding it difficult to sign up for an appointment. Here are some tips for those who qualify.

  1. Make sure you’re pre-registered on You should receive an email from the state to book your appointment after registering. 
  2. There are vaccine finder sites out there, like, which are plugged into vaccine providers around Massachusetts, and track up to date availability. New appointments open up every day, and many such sites also offer text notifications so you can snag something quickly.
  3. Pharmacy websites, like CVS, have received vaccinations and are accepting appointments. More than 200 CVS stores across the state are giving appointments.
  4. There are multiple Facebook groups and Twitter accounts to follow which share available appointments. One example is @vaccinetime on Twitter, which is a Twitter bot that watches Massachusetts immunization websites and automatically posts when a new appointment becomes available.
  5. Massachusetts residents are also now able to get vaccinated in New Hampshire, so also check out public resources there.

Good luck, and we look forward to seeing you when travel resumes!