As we’re nearing a full year of lockdown, many of us are pretty sick of video calls. Zoom, Google Hangouts, House Party… most of us would probably be happy to never have to hit “accept” on a digital call invitation ever again. While the pandemic is far from over, and the wintry weather in most areas of the world make it difficult to meet up outside at a safe distance, there are still a few months of video hangouts left ahead.

There are still plenty of fun ways to connect still with family, friends, and colleagues — we promise. Here are a few video call games that you may not have tried yet.

You don’t have to be an actor to act. As people are wanting more of an escape from every day life, virtual murder mystery parties bring a much needed respite. There are plenty of different versions, some themed to holidays, promising that you won’t run out of narratives anytime soon. Try a few out, and then have a hand at writing your own!

Scavenger hunts are surprisingly possible — and fun — over video call. Make a list for your opponents — something purple, a book you hated, a fridge magnet, etc — set a timer, and go! Whichever team collects the most items and shows them over video call wins. There are also quite a few sample scavenger hunts online to begin with.

If you want more collaborative storytelling, check out War of the Wizards, a virtual video calling game complete with RPG elements and escape rooms. Everyone involved plays a wizard minion, and the goal is to gather resources and magical items to end the war. The full game is 90 minutes, making it the perfect length for an evening hangout. Booking is required, so check out the game here for more info.

As COVID-19 levels remain at a high, the next few months will be difficult. It’s important to stay safe, keep a social distance, and wear a mask — not only to protect yourself, but others around you. Here at GO Boston, we hope to see you soon!