Mother’s Day is here! And it certainly looks a lot different than most. Luckily for us all, Mother’s Day is a great day to spend at home. Whether you’re spending today at home with your mother or want to celebrate her from afar, we’ve pulled together a few fun and creative ways to spend the day, and let your mother know how much you appreciate her.

If you’re spending the day apart from mom, why not order her some delivery from her favorite restaurant? Many local spots are sure to have Mother’s Day deals, and taking the day off of cooking is always a treat. Depending on where you live, there are also quite a few subscription services that would make a beautiful gift. A subscription for natural wines, for example, is often economical and shows you’re thinking about her not just today.

Organizing a family Zoom or Google Hangout is another way to show love, and celebrate multiple generations of mothers at once. Gather extended family together, and organize a Mother’s Day game night, pub quiz, or just a chat.

If you live with your mother, the above still applies — but there are many ways to give your mum a break around the house. Taking care of household tasks, planning a movie night, or crack out the board games. Think about what your mother loves to do best when she’s with her family, and try to make it special.

Under the coronavirus pandemic, quarantine can be stressful, and many are finding themselves stuck at home for longer than they normally would. Take the day to slow down, and really spend time with the ones you love. And if you know any mothers who are essential workers on the frontlines of the pandemic, take a moment to reach out and express your gratitude for their hard work.

Happy Mother’s Day from GO Boston!

Photo Credit: Pixabay