Boston and New England attract visitors and residences from all over the world, making it a diverse and international area. Boston in particular hosts a number of international communities, as well as a wealth of fun and family-friendly cultural events all year round. One such event is the annual Oktoberfest, a German beer festival that takes place every autumn. Here’s how to celebrate Oktoberfest in Boston!

Before you plan your trip, you should learn a thing or two about the world’s largest Volksfest — or a beer festival and traveling funfair, combined). Originating in Munich, a city in the Bavarian region of Germany, this folk festival lasts 16 to 18 days in late September, early October. Locally referred to as the Wiesn, it’s been going on since 1810, making it an incredibly important part of Bavarian culture — and a world recognized festival. The main point of Oktoberfest? To consume massive amounts of beer.

Boston’s local German population, iconic autumnal season, and plethora of local breweries and beer culture make it the perfect place to spend the Oktoberfest festivities. One of the best places in the city to celebrate is Olde Magoun’s Saloon. Running almost the entire month of September, Olde Magoun’s has a special menu, special prices and beer promotions, Sunday roasts, and a massive party on September 28th. Every Wednesday of the month from 5pm to 11pm, Olde Magoun’s is offering traditional German dishes like weiner schnitzel, Bavarian pork knuckles, and bratwurst galore. Sundays are roast nights, so better bring your appetite!

Another place hosting Oktoberfest festivities with no cover is Bronwyn in Somerville. This bratwurst and beer destination also offers a special menu including multiple kinds of wurst, bretzel ball, and the potato pancake, reibekuchen, as well as a massive list of german beers. If you’re looking for a live music party, Aeronaut at Zone 3 is an Oktoberfest celebration in Allston. With purchase of a ticket, you’ll get access to one liter stein beers, a stellar lineup of food trucks, and live music from Daigle’s Beer Hall Boys and Lokensgard Blechblaser Ensemble.

Enjoy your Oktoberfest, but make sure to drink responsibly, and stay safe by booking a ride. Our experienced and professional chauffeurs are ready to take you and your party to the Oktoberfest party safely and comfortably. Reach out now so we can help you plan your day!

Photo Credit:  Pixabay