On Sunday, Massachusetts officials from the state Department of Public Health announced that 4,088,474 people are fully vaccinated in the state. This means the state is less than 12,000 Covid-19 vaccine shots away from hitting its goal of 4.1m fully vaccinated people.

As the vaccine rollout has gone quickly, coronavirus cases, hospitalizations, and deaths have all plummeted to record lows. 

Currently, the seven-day average number of coronavirus patients in the hospital is 119 patients, with 34 in intensive care and 19 intubated. On Sunday, state health officials reported only 41 more cases and 5 more deaths. 

As vaccinations continue to rise across the country, and globally, we’re looking forward to getting back to escorting you on your regular business trips and vacations. Our Covid-19-safe vehicles are ready to get you to and from the airport quickly and safely.