Summer is quickly approaching, and for those looking for their next beach getaway, what better place than Greece?

Those interested will be pleased to hear that Greece is one of the latest countries in the European Union to scrap all Covid-19 travel restrictions for incoming travelers.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, travel between the U.S. and Europe is estimated to rise 600% from last year. Greece, as a popular holiday destination, will no longer require proof of vaccination, Covid-19 recovery or pre-travel negative test result as of May 1st. Passenger locator forms have also been dropped since March.

As of June 1st, the mask mandate for public spaces will be dropped, but will be reviewed again September 1st.

The rest is up to you to make the painful decision of where to go — Athens or Santorini? Mykonos or Corfu? We’re ready to get you and your travel party there safely and on time for your flight.