Many countries and airlines are testing and offering vaccine passports — but what are they? 

Vaccine passports are digital platforms containing passenger health information, and can prove if a person has been vaccinated or tested negative for Covid-19. For countries that are hoping to open, or already in the process of opening, their borders, vaccine passports could be the key to reinstating safe travel.

Several countries, including Italy, Iceland, Greece and Spain are now allowing travelers who have been vaccinated or recently tested negative, and other EU countries will open up soon.

While the US has currently instated an honor system when it comes to mask usage for vaccinated people, travel isn’t be so easy. Federal officials currently require all inbound travelers to show proof of negative test to board flights, and certain airlines like United, Delta and American airlines are encouraging travelers to upload health documents online, pre-flight.

So far, no digital health credential standards have been set by the government, so any rules have been left to the private sector. Digital health certificates are not yet required, but as countries and attractions continue to open up worldwide, they could be the key to healthy travel.