It was reported that Boston’s Logan Airport was overrun with a near million passengers this Thanksgiving. Sunday was one of the busiest days, as travelers prepared to return home after spending the holidays with family and friends in New England.

Nationwide, TSA officials estimated 2.4 million people traveled through airports yesterday alone, and people on social media reported extra long lines and wait times. With a shortage of pilots, flights have reached full capacity.

Christmas and Hanukkah are fast approaching, and the story is likely to be the same. Here are a few tips to avoid slammed airports.

News of the new variant, Omicron, and rising Covid-19 rates leave many rethinking their holiday plans to travel far and wide to see family or seek faraway destinations. Choosing a closer destination that’s a shuttle away has several benefits including lower costs, less risk of Covid-19 infection and avoiding the busy airports during Christmas. GO Boston has concierge and shuttle services ready and able to get you and your party to and from your nearby getaway, so you can leave the travel stress to us.

Kill two birds with one stone with train travel; it’s more environmentally friendly and far less busy than Logan Airport. Buying far enough in advance can also mean significant savings, and taking the train means scenic routes the entire ride — not to mention no TSA to deal with. Our chauffeurs are ready to get you to any train station around New England.

Staying home is by far the safest way to spend the holidays Covid-free, but if you do need to fly this time of year, TSA PreCheck, avoiding checking bags and avoiding the car rental desk at your destination are a few ways to shorten your airport wait time significantly.

Regardless of where you’re headed, we’re ready to get you and your party there safely and comfortably. Contact us now to book your holiday travel.