What New Englanders need to know about Hurricane Lee

New Englanders have been keeping a watchful eye over Hurricane Lee this past week, which has been making its way up the coast. The Category 3 storm has been intensifying, and on Thursday alone, it grew in strength from 80 mph to 165 mph in just 24 hours. Hurricane Lee has weakened over the weekend as it moved north, facing wind shear and drier air. But in the past few days, [...]

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Need some last minute Labor Day Weekend plans?

Long weekends, such as Labor Day, sneak up on your fast. Between work and summer travel, it can leave you with little time to make much of a plan — so we’re here to help. But first, what is Labor Day weekend? The holiday has been around since 1894, and was created in order to celebrate the production and progress workers in America have contributed to the country. Since its inauguration, the [...]

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Americans will soon need a visa to enter Europe

As of 2024, U.S. citizens, regardless of their age, will need to apply online and pay a minor fee for a visa to enter Europe, according to a recent announcement. Americans currently have free, visa-less access to 184 destinations worldwide, making it the eighth most powerful passport in the world, with Singapore, Germany, Italy and Spain taking the top positions. The new regulation is called the European Travel Information and Authorization [...]

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Some people handle heat better than others — here’s why

As Boston summers continue to break heat records, you might be wondering why you can’t handle the heat well, while your friend seems to be doing just fine. It may be down to your genetic code. Some people have a natural tolerance towards heat. But that’s not all — there are other factors that come into play. What can also affect heat tolerance is age (both very young and older people [...]

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3 luxury New England hotels that will blow you away

There’s no better place in the United States for historic hotels, boutique inns and luxurious resorts than New England. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, there is a huge number of places to choose from. New England is known for its charming inns, set against picturesque vistas. One of the area’s most famous is the Weekapaug Inn in Westerly, Rhode Island. Originally built in the late 19th century — and rebuilt in [...]

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You can now take a private seaplane between NYC and Boston

The famous luxury hotel brand Mandarin Oriental has recently announced a partnership with charter airline company Tailwind Air to offer a unique seaplane experience that connects its luxury hotels in both locations. Mandarin Oriental announced the experience in a new promotion called One Trip, Two City which includes a four-nights stay at both the chain’s New York and Boston locations, as well as a 50-minute seaplane flight for two passengers via [...]

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Have you made your plans yet for Memorial Day?

Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial beginning of summer, which, after a long winter, is something to celebrate. Have you made your plans yet for the long weekend yet? We’ve got your plans here. Memorial Day usually means warm weather, so since we all have Monday off work, why not find a sunny patio somewhere for brunch, dinner or a few drinks in the sun? Don’t leave it until the last [...]

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The Best Springtime Weekend Getaways in New England

Spring is well underway, and while we love spending time in the city as the weather warms up, we don’t blame you for wanting a nearby escape. In fact, there’s no better time to experience everything New England has to offer. So what are the best places to go for a weekend escape? Here’s our list. First, the Berkshires are perhaps one of Massachusetts' most highly revered destinations, the rural region [...]

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Boston’s Swan Boats are coming back for their 146th season

The opening of the Swan Boats’ next season has finally been announced. As of April 15th at 11 am, visitors from far and wide can grab their tickets and hop on board one of Boston’s longest running treasures.  But how much do you know about the Boston Swan Boats? Here are a few fun facts to get you started: The Swan Boats were opened in 1877 by Irish immigrant and shipbuilder [...]

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UK airports to drop liquid restrictions for carry-on luggage

It’s the news we’ve all been waiting for — liquid restrictions for hand luggage are on their way out, starting in the UK. The old rules, which meant all passengers on domestic and international flights needed to squeeze 100ml bottles of liquids into tiny plastic bags, have been around since 2006. The UK Government has announced the rules will be lifted at all airports by June, 2024. London City Airport will be the [...]

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