Thanksgiving is often cited as one of the busiest travel days of the year — but the fast-approaching holiday is the first since Covid-19 rules and guidelines have fully eased. This means we’ll see the usually-busy travel volumes ratchet up even more. So how can you survive the Thanksgiving travel season? Here are our tips.

First, try to avoid the busiest travel days as much as possible — that would be yesterday (Sunday, November 20th) and Sunday, November 27th, as people return home after the festivities. The slowest day will be Thanksgiving itself, on Thursday — but that doesn’t mean it’s slow. Millions of travelers are still expected to be en route, but if you can choose this day to get moving, it’s your best option.

Next, try to avoid the busiest airports. Atlanta, Dallas Fort-Worth and Denver airports are predicted to be the busiest, with each expecting more than a million travelers a piece. Mornings will most likely be the busiest time, so if you are traveling then, try to arrive very early. Additionally, Newark Airport, Dallas Love Field and Miami Airport are most likely to experience service disruptions, as they were the worst affected last year and over the summer. Chicago Midway and Houston are also likely to be affected.

How can you avoid flight disruptions? Experts recommend booking the first flight of the day out, as these are less likely to be impacted. Travelers should also consider adding a buffer day in between flights and plans where possible, so that any disruptions won’t ruin your holiday. 

Finally, if your destination is a cold one that could be impacted by snow or ice, be prepared for possible weather disruption.

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