As the world slowly pulls out of lockdown restrictions, new travel destinations are opening up to Americans. And as the North East is still getting cold weather, it’ll be a relief to know that a warm getaway to Aruba is now back on the cards.

A full two years after the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Caribbean island is now doing away with remaining restrictions for visitors. This means visitors will no longer need to provide proof of a negative coronavirus test, proof of vaccine or proof of recent recovery for entry. 

A statement from the Aruba Tourism Authority says the Aruban government, health care systems and tourism industry will “monitor the current environment and changing conditions to determine how to further adapt, if necessary.”

And while visitors’ insurance is still required for travelesrs, and visitors will need to complete an embarkation and disembarkation card before arrival, the move should kickstart local tourism back to pre-Covid levels.

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