The Boston area is expected to get hit with yet another snowstorm this Thursday and should see at least 4 inches of snow, which means we’ll all be hunkered down inside. While being stuck inside isn’t anything new these days, instead of spending the day doing laundry, here are a few fun ways to spend your snow day instead.

If you’re home with friends, family, and roommates, hide and seek is a fun way to distract (and tire out) young kids. Board games, arts and crafts, and jigsaw puzzles are a few more ways to make the day eventful without having to plan too much. For older kids, a blizzard is also a great time to start working on a storybook, writing a play for a big performance, or rearranging rooms to make your home feel fresher.

Just because it’s snowing, that doesn’t mean you HAVE to stay inside. Grab your mittens and wooly caps, and head out on a wintry walk, or game of tag in the snow. 

For adults, it may be tempting to use the day stuck inside as a good time to start filing your taxes, but give yourself a break and let yourself do nothing. Order your favorite take out, pour yourself a nice glass of wine, or bake something delicious.

However you plan to spend the day, stay safe and warm!